Copa Mexicana de Barismo

Expressing the world of coffee

The contest that exalts baristas and the excellence of coffee in Mexico.


The Copa Mexicana de Barismo (CMB) was born as new competitive option for professionas in México since 2017. The contest focuses on highlighting baristas and the excellence of coffe; emphasizing the aromas and the innovation of different methods, promoting the improvement of abilities in the barista profession through an exciting and challenging competition.


The Copa Mexicana de Barismo (CMB) is a unique and innovated contest directed toward the promotion of the professionals within the industry and the culture of coffee. It is a competition open to qualified baristas, where 30 contestants will meet, demonstrating their technical and sensory skills as well as their creativity.

  • The contestants must meet the highest standards in a presentation of their creations in 14 minutes.
  • Demonstration of talent to bring together the best baristas, enabling them to expand their imagination, incorporating a large amount of knowledge of coffee in an event of expression and individual experiences.
  • The certified judges evaluate each action on taste, cleanliness, creativity, technical skills and presentation.
  • They will compete in 3 categories: espresso, art latte and brewing.

Each contestant of the Copa Mexicana de Barismo (CMB) brings knowledge, technology, experience and determination to demonstrate their skills on the most important stage of coffee; representing the national coffee community.


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