Copa Vatel Amateur

The contest that encourages young chefs who seek to achieve culinary excellence through professionalism.


The Amateur category Vatel Cup is a talent booster and a platform to promote camaraderie and educational opportunities among gastronomy professionals. The competition aims to raise the standards of culinary excellence and professionalism, to mold students into young professionals, to test the skills learned in the classroom and, most importantly, to inspire young people in the culinary world to dream big and to work passionately in order to achieve their goals.


Young pioneers of gastronomy

Expo Gastronómica is pleased to host the Vatel Cup for Amateur, organized by the renowned Vatel Club México. A unique competition is dedicated to students from across the country to showcase their skills and dedication to the culinary arts.

  • The teams made up of students of the culinary career will represent their respective institutions demonstrating their individual skills, techniques and styles.
  • A learning place for valuable practices, such as time management and teamwork.
  • The students will exhibit the elements prepared to an expert jury and visionary of gastronomy. The jury will have the job of giving constructive criticism, nurturing creativity and encouraging students to be in the constant search for improvement.
  • The winning team, for its dedication, technique and originality, will have the honor of holding the title “Young Pioneers of Gastronomy“.

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