Copa Vatel Profesional Culinaria

The contest that invites us to discover the newest of Mexican cuisine through the talent and passion of the best chefs in Mexico.


The Copa Vatel Culinaria has as its principal objective to promote the diversity and heritage of the  Mexican cuisine. Provide a jump to reveal the best talent in the country. It is an opportunity to discover new trends in the industry of the Mexican cuisine to demonstrate the best techniques, passion and experiences of the best chefs.


  • As every two years, Vatel Club México is pleased to present a revolutionary gastronomy competition: La Copa Vatel Culinaria. The codes of the main culinary events will be replicated, placing emphasis on the kitchen and the chefs; This contest will define the team that will represent Mexico in the Continental event of 2020.
  • The event will be fully live in front of the public and is a showcase for the latest cooking trends in Mexico. It puts great emphasis on flavors and aromas through a tasting that is accompanied by an excellent presentation.
  • The teams composed by young Mexican chefs, among the most promising talents of this generation, will prepare magnificent dishes in 5 hours and 30 minutes, in front of the public, the media and the jury.
  • 2 topics to be prepared: meat and fish.
  • To distinguish them: a jury composed by master chefs of gastronomy, elected to organise the competition and mark the candidates work. All members of the jury, chefs of great fame and talent, will have the duty to reward excellence and the creativity demonstrated by the contestants.
  • The winning team for their dedication, impeccable technique and originality will have the honor of representing Mexico in a continental-size contests.
  • Beyond a simple cooking contest, the Copa Vatel is a spectacle that attracts extraordinary media coverage, being a unique platform that projects to the best of the world of gastronomy.


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